Rhymes of the Legal Times
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Rhymes of the Legal Times

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Is unpaid overtime legal in Japan?
I got no time for exploitation, gotta know my rights, it’s my obligation!
The laws on noise in UK residential areas got me feeling so low, can’t even chill in my own home.
Wanna be a guidance counselor? Better check out the requirements, don’t wanna be caught unprepared, gotta be aware!

At the Asian Legal Business Awards 2022 Indonesia, lawyers be shining bright, winning big, putting up a fight.
Military bus agreements, they gotta be tight, following guidelines, making everything right.
What’s quid pro quo you ask? It’s all about give and take, it’s a legal task.

Need a transport service agreement template?
Gotta have it all written down, legal and fine, making sure everything’s in line.
Paul Lewiston, the Boston legal man, he’s got it all planned,
Settlement of disputes in contract, gotta have strategies in hand, can’t let things slip through like sand.

What’s the legal definition of significant other?
It’s more than just words, it’s a legal cover, recognizing the bond, one like no other.